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Raising the Standards of Biosecurity


A few words from some of our customers......

When I took over the management of the farms the usual on farm system of some kind of old container cut in half to create a foot bath was being used. I soon started looking at the various options available to replace this somewhat sub standard system.

The first thing that struck me about the FootCHECK was its high visual presence and professional look, I think that too often farms suffer from an out-of-sight, out-of-mind syndrome when using old containers that gradually blend into their surroundings. The FootCHECK is also extremely easy to use and to mix the various products to their correct concentration which is ideal for a busy farm.

Another key feature that attracted me to the FootCHECK is the UV and rainwater protection offered by the design and durable lid. Due to the free range nature of our farms, I have a requirement to use foot baths in exposed locations. This is where the FootCHECK really comes into its own, combining visibility, durability and practicality to provide me with the onsite bio-security that is so vital for a modern livestock farming enterprise.

I would highly recommend the FootCHECK to any farming enterprise that is looking for a modern yet still easy to use system to improve on farm bio security.

A fantastic product! Thank you

Mark Shaw
Head of Rural Enterprises , Golden Valley

"FootCHECK is a classic example of effective simplicity.

The FootCHECK ensures that the correct concentration of disinfectant is used. No longer is it a case of one glug or two into half or was it a full bucket of water.

No longer can the wind blow leaves and other debris into the foot dip, The disinfectant is no longer diluted by rain or snow or concentrated and inactivated by hot, dry weather. The integral lid simply needs to be lowered into place when not in use.

No excuse now, for not completely submerging the boot in disinfectant or scraping the worst of the muck off the sole. The Footcheck provides easy access for the largest of feet, a good depth of disinfectant and a boot scraper on the base.

The size and colour of the Footcheck mean that you cannot fail to see it. Not using the Footcheck is a blatant breach of bio-security."

David G Parsons MRCVS

The Poultry Health Centre,
BA14 7NG


Telephone: 07848 742819 Email: info@FootCHECKS.com