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You can order the Hysolv-Footcheck Foot Bath online:

You can order the standard footbath directly from this website using your credit card.

Price: £42.50, excluding vat

The unit comes complete with A3 poster and 8 peelable labels.

Capacity: 15 litre (to fill level) the bath volume provides adequate excess volume above fill line for liquid displacement during use

Weight: 5kg empty; approxinately 20kg when full

Standard Footbath Quantity:
Standard Footbath with 50 stickers Quantity:

NEW Accessory - cording set

Price: £2.50 excluding vat

Description: Cord set - 1.5m long cord with galvanised steel fitting and eye hook

Cording set Quantity:

Peelable Labels

8 peelable labels are included with your Footbath.
But you can order an additional 50 labels for £5.00
or 100 labels for £10.00

A3 Poster

Your Footbath order includes 1 x A3 wall poster.
If you would like further copies, we supply these
encapsulated in a carboard tube for £2.25 each
Set of 50 labels Quantity:
Footcheck A3 Poster Quantity:

Online orders can only be accepted for the UK. For other countries, or to arrange for bulk orders, please contact us.

Telephone: 01664 560746 or 07949 755051 Email: enquiries@hysolv-footcheck.com