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How to use FootCHECK

FootCHECK provides a rapid, simple and a convenient means to accurately achieve the correct concentration for disinfectants to be as a part of a biosecurity programme.

The encapsulated instructions show how to use FootCHECK.

Check on the disinfectants' details for the appropriate concentration and verify these are up to date on the DEFRA approved list: see Disinfectants.

In addition, peelable labels are available to help users record and audit disinfectant use and change. Used in conjunction with the Footbath record sheet, these will act as a reminder of the renewal date for changing your footbath, epecially if inspection is required: see Service Items.


Position footbath on a level floor near a suitable wall.
Prop the bath against a wall to achieve a 45 degree angle (as illustrated) and lift the hinged lid Ensure the bath is level.
Carefully pour concentrated disinfectant into the appropriate internal measuring chamber, or chambers. Fill the 1% chamber for 1% final or half fill for 0.5% concentration. Fill the 2% chamber for 2% concentration or both 1% and 2% chambers for 3% concentration. For 4% fill to the lower level using both 1% and 2% chambers.
Lower footbath so that the base is flat on the floor.
Fill with clean water to final fill line (Final volume 15 litres). Swirl bath or its contents to mix disinfectant.
Complete an audit sticker and apply to front of footbath in the space provided.
(see picture below.)
Keep lid closed when not in use to maintain efficacy by keeping contents clean, reducing evaporation or dilution.
Dispose of used contents responsibly in accordance with disinfectant instructions.
Disinfection is only effective after thorough cleaning – remove excess soil and organic matter before dipping footwear. Replace contents of the FootCHECK bath at least once a week; more frequently if disinfectant becomes heavily soiled.

Instructions Video

Your footbath is now ready for use in all suitable disinfection sites.

Telephone: 07848 742819 Email: info@FootCHECKS.com
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