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Foot Dip Cost Calculator

FootCHECK’s calculator provides you with a simple means to evaluate the cost of the disinfected used in footbaths.

Simply adjust the figures in the boxes and press calculate.

The calculator does two things automatically.

Calculates the cost of the disinfectant based on the concentration require using the cost per litre of the disinfectant you specify.
Evaluates the additional cost per year of using excess disinfectant over and above the required and recommended concentration specified for its use.
*Please note the default setting for footbath is 15 litres, this value can be adjusted by entering the volume of the footbath as required.
Concentration Required:
Volume (litres):
How many footbaths?
Frequency of changes?
Price of disinfectant i.e. £4 per litre £
Percentage in excess used:


Approximate equivalents (UK)

Measurement Equivalent in mls
1 Teaspoon = 5ml
1 Desert spoon = 10ml
1 Tablespoon = 15ml
1/8 Cup = 30ml
1 Cup = 240ml

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