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Footwear disinfection is essential to:

Reducing risk of infection and cross-infection in animal houses and between farms.

Footbaths and Tread mats are well-established and recognised as a biosecurity measure in many industries, especially in high health status poultry and swine farming.

In practice many footbaths may offer little real protection.

Organic matter
will inactivate
all disinfectants
Odd containers
make dilutions hard
to calculate
Rain dilutes; Sun and heat disables the disinfectant efficacy
Treadmats easily dry out, dilute in rain and are heavy
to handle and clean
No current system provides easy options to audit the use of disinfectants.
Raising the Standards of Biosecurity

FootCHECK footbath is a registered design, developed as a practical solution.

Made in HDPE, with UV protective additive, designed and constructed for durability and easy cleaning. Suitable for both concentrated liquids and powder formulations. Accurate for 0.5%, 1%, 2%, 2.5%, 3% and 4% dilutions.
Measuring chambers: Disinfectant poured direct from container, ensures correct dilution, minimises waste.
Panel: for a peelable sticker for simple auditing of contents and frequency of changes
Calibrated fill level: Ensure precise dilution to avoid excessive use of expensive concentrate
Foot rub bars: For improved user safety and foot sole cleansing.
Lid: prevents contamination, dilution by rain and evaporation

FootCHECK, an essential biosecurity procedure to prevent entry of infections.

Telephone: 07848 742819 Email: info@FootCHECKS.com